Campus Life

Vending Services

Dalton State has partnered with Coke and Five Star Food Service to offer multiple drink and snack vending options on campus. On campus vending machines have the ability to take a mixture of cash, credit/debit card, and roadrunner cash.

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Vending MACHINE Locations

Bandy Gym
Drink Machines (2) (Powerade & Water) – 2nd Floor
Snack Machine – 2nd Floor

Drink Machine* – 1st Floor
Snack Machine* – 1st Floor

Health Professions
Drink Machine – Upper Level
Drink Machines* (2) – Lower Level
Snack Machine* – Lower Level

Liberal Arts
Drink Machines* (3) – 1st Floor
Snack Machines (2) – 1st Floor

Snack Machine – Main Floor
Coffee Machine – Main Floor

Mashburn Hall
Drink Machine -2nd Floor & 4th Floor
Sanck Machine -2nd Floor & 4th Floor

Peeples Hall
Drink Machine – 1st Floor
Snack Machine – 1st Floor

Pope Student Center
Drink Machine (3) – 1st Floor
Snack Machine* – 1st Floor

Drink Machine – 1st Floor, Outside

Gilmer Center
Drink Machine – 1st Floor
Snack Machine – 1st Floor

*Any Machine marked with a star on the list above is equipped with a special card reader that has the ability to take roadrunner cash as payment off of your Roadrunner ID card.


Phone: 706-272-2534