Resources For

Adult Learners

Perhaps you have a family, a job, a life, and now you are going back to school. As an adult learner, pursuing higher education can be an exciting experience—and a little challenging. Whatever time of your life you have chosen to go back to school, we are glad to have you at Dalton State College. We want to help make your return to education a successful and rewarding experience. You will find many other “adult learners” here. From those just a few years out of high school to grandparents finally getting that degree; from those looking for a new career after a job loss to those who just want something different—they are all here. And we welcome you to the next chapter of your life: the reinvention of YOU.

Get started on your journey by exploring the resources you can find here. Learn about the academic programs available at Dalton State College, how to be admitted, financial aid, prior learning assessments, and other resources for adult learners.

Our adult learning specialist, Dr. Andrew Meyer, is here to help adult learners with their special needs and concerns. Dr. Meyer is located in the Westcott Administration Building, Room 166. Stop by, call or email Dr. Meyer for help getting into college and succeeding once you do.

Dr. Andrew S. Meyer
Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs
Westcott Administration Building, Room 166
Phone: 706-272-4421
Fax: 706 272-2670