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Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship

Teach students to help them achieve their potential

There is an urgent need for STEM teachers throughout Georgia and our nation. Dalton State juniors and seniors (as of Fall 2022) working toward bachelor’s degrees in a STEM discipline have an exceptional opportunity to apply for a Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship, become a Noyce Scholar and teach in high need local schools including Dalton Public Schools (DPS) and Whitfield County Schools (WCS).

As a Noyce Scholar you will inspire your students to study and pursue a career in STEM. And, you’ll contribute to the National Science Foundation’s discovery, study and promotion of pathways for STEM teacher education through research and development.

“As a STEM teacher, it is so rewarding when my students develop the confidence to acquire new information for themselves. Those ‘light bulb’ moments, when they realize science is something they CAN do, give me such joy!”

Amber Dean
BS Chemistry with Secondary Certification '16
Chemistry and Physical Science Teacher
Dalton Public Schools



Scholarships/Stipends During Program
  • Scholarships for tuition, fees, room and board for last two years of degree – up to $31,000 over two years
  • Stipends for two-week externship in an industry related to your major (chemistry, math, biology) 
  • Stipends for community service work in STEM related activities (such as First Robotics; Design, Engineering and Manufacturing Camp; Power Lunches; STEM Nights; City of Refuge STEM camp)
Requirement of Scholarship Recipients

Noyce Scholars are required to teach in a high needs school system for two years for every year they have received a Noyce Scholarship. Scholars who do not meet this requirement must pay back their scholarship.

Support During Program
  • Placed with carefully selected host teachers in DPS and WCS middle and high schools (host teachers receive additional training)
  • Mentored by experienced STEM teacher throughout program
  • Complete 3 ESOL classes for improving ability to teach English learners
  • Participate in professional development through community and industry experiences
  • Participate in learning community with other Noyce Scholars
  • Coached by specially trained site supervisors who conduct face-to-face observations of Noyce Scholars in classrooms 
  • Receive technology training targeted to STEM education 
  • Receive comprehensive support from DPS/WCS school administrators and teachers for Noyce Scholars (and all new teachers) including new teacher induction and ongoing training
Stipends After Program Graduation
  • Stipends for community service work in STEM related activities during first year of teaching
  • Opportunity to mentor (with stipend) next generation of Noyce Scholars
Support After Program Graduation
  • Continued mentoring by experienced STEM teacher for first year of teaching
  • Continued participation in Noyce Scholar learning community

2020 starting salary for first year teachers in GA --$35,217.00 (some school districts add local supplement)

Typical Employee Benefits for Teachers in Georgia
  • Medical, dental and vision coverage
  • Membership in Teachers Retirement System of Georgia or Public School Employees Retirement System of Georgia pension plans (guaranteed monthly benefit based on a member’s final average salary and service)
  • Sick/Personal leave
  • Tax deferred retirement plans available
Activity Due
Applying, Testing  
Apply to be Noyce Scholar. November 19, 2021
Receive notification of Noyce Scholar Award. November 30, 2021
Register for EDUC 2110, 2120 and 2130. Fall semester, 2021
Take EDUC 2110, 2120 and 2130. Spring and/or summer, 2022
Apply to Dalton State School of Education. March 30, 2022
Take GACE exam. (Exemption available for students with certain SAT/ACT scores.) June 30, 2022
  • Pass or be exempt from GACE exam.
  • Be accepted into Dalton State School of Education.
July 31, 2022
Learning to Teach  
Enroll in two education courses (EDUC 3272 and EDUC 3902). Spring 2022
  • Take 4 education courses, 2 ESOL courses
  • Complete field placement in middle school and high school during academic year.
  • Take 3 education courses, 1 ESOL course and 8 credit hours of student teaching during academic year.
  • Complete year-long placement in middle or high school in Dalton Public Schools or Whitfield County Schools.
Testing, Graduating, Applying  
  • Take Content GACE.
  • Graduate with BS degree from Dalton State.
  • Apply for certification.
Spring 2024
Teach in high needs school. Fall 2024-Spring 2028

To apply for the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program, contact:

Dr. Sharon Hixon
Dean, School of Education
Brown Hall, 214

Dr. Randall Griffus
Dean, School of Arts & Sciences
Peeples Hall, 305

Noyce Scholarships, stipends and programming made possible through a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF).